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Our mission with this informative website is to provide the public with concise, clear and unbiased information regarding the subject of male enhancement pills and supplements. We strive to provide you, the public, with information that others normally wouldn't so you can make a rational and informed decision on choosing a male enhancement product. Today, the male enhancement supplement industry is dominated by large corporations and clever marketing companies. Many of these companies are big on promises and claims, yet short of scientific validation of their products. We sift through this maze and give you straight answers from a more serious perspective.

Our staff consists of doctors who disagree with current practices in the male enhancement industry and wish to remain anonymous with their knowledge of the most common health problems and remedies.

Below are our four board of directors who oversee the research and information presented on this website.

Dr. Pierre Schwab

Europe’s leading natural male enhancement medical expert. Dr. Swaab has lectured around the world on the topic of male enhancement pills. He prescribes his patients natural compounds for a wide array of male sexual functions. Dr. Swaab holds five patents worldwide for natural herbal treatments for sexual problems.

Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart

The only doctor in the world to hold a United States patent for the use of an herbal compound proven to treat erectile dysfunction. Dr. Cherdshewasart is the head of the biology department at Thailand’s leading university and a personal advisor to the king of Thailand. He brings an unparallel level of experience to the area of natural male enhancers.

Dr. Dennis Swartout

A retired physician who now spends his time researching and reporting on natural compounds and their role in men’s health. He is a former physician at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic and is an American Board of Family Practice Certified Physician. He is a University of Michigan Medical School Graduate.

Dr. Philip Wunder

He has the unique combination of a medical degree, as graduated from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, combined with a passion and understanding of natural products and their benefits. Dr. Wunder has studied, experimented and researched natural compounds and their sexual health benefits for over a decade. He brings a much needed perspective and expertise to the male enhancement category.

The 3 Top Rated
Prostate Supplement
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1. Prostavar RX

Easily the number one prostate supplement we have ever evaluated. More men get better results with this power house formula than any other.


2. Vasotrexx

This is another fine prostate formula that achieved good marks in a number of different laboratory tests.


3. Prost-RX

The good folks over at Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals have done a wonderful job with this sharply designed prostate pill.

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The Hardness Factor

By Steven Lamm, MD

Lamm (The Virility Solution, Thinner at Last), a practicing internist and expert on male sexual health, insists there is a direct link between the quality of a man's overall health and the quality of his erections. One upside to this often-embarrassing issue is that by getting healthier in order to get harder, men can avoid the underlying illnesses that would require the use of such drugs in the future.

Prostate Health in 90 Days

By Larry Clapp, Ph.D, J.D.

Dr. Larry Clapp was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1990. Given the limited options of surgery and radiation, he began intensive research into self-healing alternatives and developed a treatment for prostate cancer, which he successfully used to cure himself. Today, cancer-free, he continues his research while helping others using nutrition, massage, herbs, homeopathy, and other alternatives.