Frequently Asked Questions

I see in the Prostavar lab report it has 28mg of quercetin, and none of the other products have any. What is quercetin and why do you test for it?

Quercetin is one of the strongest of nature’s anti-inflammatory substances. There have been many studies done which demonstrate quercetin's effectiveness in treating wide ranges of prostate related issues. Recently there have been studies which show that quercetin provides long-term relief with zero side effects. Men suffering from an enlarged prostate find the swelling will go down much faster with high levels of quercetin. Clearly, it is one of the relative reasons Prostavar is so effective. We test for it because so many men get up multiple times at night to urinate. Quercetin can help stop this. Prostavar works fast: many men report in less than 10 days that they now can sleep through the night without the symptoms had prior.

I get up every night at least five times. It has gotten so bad my wife and I don’t sleep in the same room anymore. Avodart didn’t do anything for me. My doctor recommended I try some of the natural products but the ones I've taken just didn’t work. Now that you have identified several that do work, I want to know how long I have to take them to feel the effects?

Everyone is different. A man of 45 with minor symptoms might see results in 4 or 5 days, while a man in his 80’s with a very enlarged prostate might have to go 30 days for significant improvement before he notices a big change. But men with severe problems also notice big changes in relative quick time, about within two weeks. Sometimes, because their problems are so bad, even a little improvement to their prostate can bring measurable relief pretty quick. But in general, plan on 30 days. For some men it will happen much quicker (3-5 days) with others it takes longer. The longer you take these pills, the healthier your prostate will get. Doctor recommended dose is daily.

I was down at my drugstore and they are selling Schiff Prostate Health for only $9.99. Is this a good deal?

No. It's selling a product for cheap however results are not as strong. It might appear to be a good deal because Schiff is such a well-known nutritional company, having been in business 70 years. But the laboratory analysis of this product shows that it is quite deficient in the key areas most important to men's prostate health(see the lab report of the Schiff product in this guide). Just because something is low-priced doesn’t mean it is a good deal. Paying less for a product that doesn't work is not beneficial to health regimen. Chances are, you’ll still be in pain, getting up at night and looking for bathrooms all day long. But if you paid $50 and got a product that really worked for you and your prostate problems vanished, sure you are $40 lighter in the wallet. But your problem is solved. So save money somewhere else. Don’t sit in the cheap seats when it comes to your prostate and health. Fixing the problem is the goal, and that is what our product does.

The lab reports you have done are fantastic and opened my eyes. I must say I am a little disappointed that my local health food store hasn’t done this. Why don’t health food stores conduct lab tests on their products?

The answer is simple: money for time. It costs a lot of money to do High Performance Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry testing on multiple compounds in each product, like we have done. It would cost a health food storeowner half a million dollars to conduct this kind of testing on all the products on his shelves. We thoroughly test our pills to make sure we offer customers the best products possible.

My erections are extremely weak. I have tried Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, and they all give me a splitting headache, and Viagra gives me chests pains. I’ve tried a few herbal pills and they did nothing. “We have heard horror stories that resulted in serious consequences for men taking some pills” Any suggestions?

Go down to your local CVS or Rite Aid drugstore or to Wal-Mart, and get a bottle of Zyrexin. It’s over-the-counter and sells for under $20. Zyrexin works in less than 1 hour. The key is an herb called butea superba, which is a natural PDE VI inhibitor. It is extremely popular with men who suffer the same symptoms as yourself.

I was thinking of buying Avodart from a Canadian Internet Pharmacy on their website. I get emails all the time and the price is cheap. Is there a website for prescription pills you recommend?

Never buy from these sites. Internet pharmacies are scams. They are specifically targeting people who they feel they can steal from. It is illegal to sell prescription drugs over the Internet for sale into America. Plus, these pills are cheap, they don’t contain what they are supposed to contain, and are in fact extremely dangerous! The operators of these sites are outlaws and could care less about “quality control”. They get cheap pharmaceutical knockoffs from India and China. We have heard horror stories that resulted in serious consequences for men taking some pills. Over a dozen men we have heard about actually died as a direct result of illegally obtained prescription drugs. Try a good natural supplement first, and you won’t even be thinking about these Internet pharmacies.

What is Genistin? I heard it is a pill I should take but my pharmacist never heard of it?

Genistin is not a pill. It is an isoflavone found in soy protein. In Japan the daily intake of soy protein is far greater than in America and Western Europe, and the incidents of prostate and colon cancers in Japan are far less. Numerous studies suggest soy protein consumption is very important for prostate health. We agree, and rate taking 35-50mg of soy protein a day as one of the 7 Steps to a Healthy Prostate. Many famous men take soy protein every day. Remember Joe Torre when he was with the Yankees and had prostate problems? He spoke about his daily soy protein shake.

I am 77 years old and don’t know what to make of my PSA score. What do you think about the importance of a PSA test?

Men age 75 and older should not be screened for prostate cancer. And younger men should discuss the benefits and harms of the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test with their clinicians before being tested, according to a new recommendation from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. The recommendation and accompanying evidence summary appear in the August 5, 2009 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.The Task Force found evidence that screening for prostate cancer provided few health benefits but led to substantial physical harms and some psychological harms in men age 75 and older. In men younger than 75, the Task Force concluded that current evidence is insufficient to assess the balance of benefits and harms of prostate cancer screening. An estimated 278,890 U.S. men were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007, and one in six men will be diagnosed in his lifetime.

I don’t have much money to spend on prostate pills. I want to use natural pills rather than prescription drugs that I know have killed a few of my friends. How can I do this?

We have had similar stories and strongly recommend going on a monthly program. Some companies offer to send you a new supply every month at a discounted rate. Or buy a large supply at once. If you buy a 6- or 12-month supply from a company, you will get a deep discount because you are buying multiple bottles. Plus, you only pay shipping and handling costs one time rather than each time you order. Ultimately will save you more money and you will be using a product that will work.

I heard that several natural pills have been taken off the market because they were laced with dangerous drugs and, in some instances, have actually killed some men. Can you tell me which products these were?

There have been numerous reports like this. Anything sold from internet Pharmacies selling prescription drugs should not be taken. They are very dangerous and there have been numerous reports of deaths related to these. It is illegal to sell into America. On the natural front, the FDA took the herbal pill PC Specs off the market, because it was secretly laced with a prescription drug that could be deadly. Also, there have been numerous recalls by the FDA of herbal sex pills that have been secretly laced with dangerous chemicals and drugs. The products are: Zencore Tabs, Rize2, Aspire 36, and Blue Steel. We have reports of many men being rushed to the hospital after taking these illegal and extremely dangerous pills. Be careful because some of the rouge operators are still selling these pills despite the FDA recall. And these pills could result in death.

What about sexual dysfunction and the prostate. Is there any correlation between the two?

Yes, absolutely. The incidence of sexual dysfunction in patients suffering from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), or enlarged prostate, is nearly twice as high as treating physicians believe. This was shown in a new survey from the American Foundation for Urologic Diseases (AFUD) presented recently at the American Urological Association annual meeting.Lower urinary tract symptoms related to an enlarged prostate are also strongly correlated to sexual problems, including Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Ejaculatory Dysfunction (EjD). In fact, lower urinary tract symptoms are a risk factor for ED independent of other conditions associated with ED, such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease and hyperlipidemia.

Men with severe urinary symptoms report 50% less sexual activity and 33% reduction in overall sexual satisfaction compared to men without severe lower urinary tract symptoms. "We've seen in our practices that the majority of men over age 50 consider an active sex life important," says Dr. Seftel. "Since men with BPH symptoms are already at risk for compromised sexual function, it makes sense to consider sexual side effects when treating urinary symptoms of BPH," he added.

One of the things that scare me about taking prescription Flomax are the side effects. The one that causes the most concern is the side effect listed as “abnormal ejaculation”. What exactly does abnormal ejaculation mean?

There are over a dozen side effects associated with taking Flomax, but the most common side effect is abnormal ejaculation, which occurs in almost 20% of all men who take it. Abnormal ejaculation is a term used to describe several problems with ejaculation. These problems can include: Not being able to ejaculate, decreased amounts of ejaculate, and retrograde ejaculation: wherein ejaculate enters the bladder instead of leaving the body through the penis. This problem is usually painless and harmless. And men with this problem may notice cloudy urine after sexual intercourse.

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